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To order the year 2000,  2001, or 2002 conference tapes, please copy and paste this order form into an e-mail or word processor and print out, then fill out the following:

The 2002 Tapes include: 
$19.95 each

David Rudiak - "The Roswell Ramey Memo... Smoking Gun"

Dr. James W. Deardorff - "How the Aliens Maintain the Coverup...Meier Case"

Bob Pratt - "UFO Terror in Brazil"

Wendelle Stevens - "Updates on Three ET Contact Cases"

Grant Cameron - "Wilbert Smith: Official Canadian UFO Study"

Antonio Huneeus - "UFO Chronicles: Chile and Beyond"

Linda Moulton Howe - "Updates on Crop Circles, Mutilations & Aztec, NM"

Timothy Good - "Alien Perspectives: The 'Baby and the Bathwater' Syndrome"

Speakers Panel  $19.95 each

Sunday Morning Mini-Sessions  $19.95 each

2002 EP Set (Entire Conference on 3 Tapes)
Complete Conference (Best Buy!) $75.00

Note: the 2000 and 2001 Tapes are available on a first-come, first-served basis.  Not all tapes are available. 

The 2001 tapes include: 
(please circle you choices) 
  $19.95 each

1.) Antonio Huneeus: "UFO Chronicles: World Roundup"
2.) Linda Moulton Howe: "Mysterious Lights and Crop Circles"
3.) Wendelle Stevens: "Continuing ET Contacts Around the World"
4.) William Sherwood: "Science, Saucers and Sacred Texts"
5.) Graham Sheppard: "Further Views From the Flight Deck"
6.) John Schroeder: "Alien Technology and Potential Scenario"
7.) Nancy Talbott: "Crop Circles and Beyond: Searching for Hard Evidence"
8.) Timothy Good: "Is Earth An Alien Base?"
9.) Jim Sparks: "Star People"
10.) Speaker's Panel Discussion  $19.95 each
11.) Sunday Morning Min-Sessions  $19.95 each
12.) 2001 EP Set (Entire Conference on 3 tapes)  $75.00

The 2000 tapes include:
(please circle your choices)
  $19.95 each

  1. Doe Kelly: "Crop Circles and More"

  2. Antonio Huneeus: "UFO Chronicle: Chile, China and Beyond"

  3. Forest Crawford: "Ufology: Coming of Age in the New Millenium"

  4. Dr. Roberta Fennig & MelanieYoung: "A Psychiatrist's View of Alien Abduction"

  5. Wendelle C. Stevens: "A History of UFO Photos"

  6. John Foster: "Eminent Discovery: UFOs at the Core of Our Culture"

  7. Jim Marrs: "UFOs, ETs and Remote Viewing"

  8. Norman Oliver: "A Sitch in Time save Nine"
    ("Sitch" is correct, it is a pun on Zecharia Sitchin's name)

  9. Speakers Panel Discussion tape  $19.95 each

  10. Researcher's Mini-Sessions tape  $19.95 each

  11. Complete Conference (Best Buy!) $75.00

---Please make your check payable to:
Ozark UFO Conference Fund

---and mail to:
Ozark UFO Conference
#2 Caney Valley Drive
Plumerville, AR 72127-8725

Tapes for each individual speaker or for the Mini-Sessions are $19.95 each including 4th class postage

The complete conference set for each year is $75.00 each including 4th class postage.

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